Professor Cuttlefish & Sensei Palm Tree

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I know the title is a complete shambles! :s It's really just a couple of anecdotes I wanted to share.


Professor Cuttlefish: I was diving the other day and I was learning buoyancy (hillarious! Hovering in mid water, in different positions etc) and it was all good, then we were just 'exploring' the reef and suddenly my instructor got my attention and there was a cuttlefish! It was quite a big one and was camouflaged perfectly. So beautiful!

We just hovered there and it literally stayed with us for a long while. It hovered perfectly, came to my side, in front of me… chilled there for a bit.. then moved so it was head on with me and then was just swishing back and forth… so cool! :) I am telling you, it was the most beautiful thing! :D I just thought, 'YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, FISHY!'

Anyway, we had to leave… we left Cuttlefishy where it was and later, as I was walking down the street (not really, I was actually sitting in car – but it seems like something people say) it dawned on me how ABSOLUTELY PERFECT THIS WORLD IS!!! I just realised how FRIENDLY this universe is when as I was learning Buoyancy it sent me the perfect teacher – the Cuttlefish (a master of buoyancy! hhehehe)

It's just perfectly orchestrated… I am so grateful to that little fishy for supporting my learning, showing me how it's done.



Sensei Palm Tree: Well, this story is a little different… not much to tell really but it meant a lot to me so I wanted to share it. I was waiting for my night dive, a bit freakish, but excited too.. I was lying on a beach bed thingy, sun was setting, it was getting cold, I was wrapped up in a towel (aaahh) and was just staring into the sky. There was a palm tree in my line of sight and I was just observing it. I don't know why, it just happened to be there and I happened to feel drawn to look at it! :p

I have  looked at palm trees before, I'll have you know, and it wasn't that a palm tree made me go insane, it was this palm tree and this moment that I discovered something new. I saw something I had never noticed before. I felt the energy of the palm tree, for real, and I had never really felt this energy before… It was so SOOTHING, so calming, relaxing. I just kept thinking, 'Wow, Palm Tree – you are so nice. You are really a nice, calm, powerful, soothing palm tree.' :p

I guess I never felt a huge connection to a palm tree before and this was my first time really to see it, the energy of it, and it is not what i expected. It is so calming and soothing. I honestly cannot find a better word other than 'soothing'.

Anyway, I just was so happy that I had that moment, that the tree was kind to me and relaxed me when I needed it (it calmed me completely and made me feel safe).

So – Palm tree , huh?! Who would've thought!? :s Looks quite scary, spiky, harsh but actually it really isn't – it's so soft. Wow!


Basically… I guess what I wanted to share was that this all shows me that the world is so kind and caring, and so are all the creatures on it! Let's make sure we do our part and join them! :)

Palm tree, cuttlefish – both kind , soothing creatures… :)


ps. I promise I am not always this poncey – feeling the energy of trees etc  - I AM normal ;)

(Actually, I do go around talking to trees! hahahaha) I will just shut up now!

Thank you all!


The Happy Planet

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