I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m loving the journey…

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I was talking to my friend the other day and I happen to hear this very cool sentence leave my mouth:

"I don't know where I'm going, but I'm loving the journey…"

It just came out, it is truly how I feel! And then I thought, 'ooh, cool. Let's put it as status…' then status turned into post, which turned into a little doodle, which people started retweeting, sharing etc. so … I am very happy that it is resonating with people.


Let me ask you this: Do you have to know exactly where you are going to end up? Do you have to know what road you will take? This analogy, when applied to driving, doesn't really work… :s but… bare with me, please.

If you can trust that you are going to get there, wherever there is, you will be able to allow yourself to enjoy the journey itself. If we constantly keep looking for the destination to appear, we will miss the wonderful sights en route. Try your best to enjoy the scenery as you go, enjoy the people you meet, enjoy the things you say and do, the things you hear and see, be grateful for every single thing you can remember to be grateful for! Life is constantly giving us wonders, showing us how fantastic we are, and we need to open our eyes and ears and let it show us our beauty.

Just because you might not know what you're gonna do with your life does not mean you are not going to do something worthwhile, something that will satisfy you and fulfil your purpose or desire. I was always the type of person who knew exactly where I was headed and how I was gonna get there! But now, honestly, I can't say the same. I feel fantastic not knowing. I do know I am headed in the right direction. How do I know this? Because the journey there feels so good. And even in those moments when it didn't feel so fantabulous I later saw the value in the 'negatives'. I believe that if I do whatever I can to make me feel good (helping others, seeing beauty in things all around me, living in gratitude, being 'selfish' – full of appreciation for self! ;) ) then good things will come to me. And I will  be pushed toward the fulfilment of my purpose – whatever that may be.

And, honestly, this 'purpose' business is such a perplexing thing to discuss that if it makes you feel easier just omit it! YOU WILL BE SATISFIED. YOU WILL BE FULFILLED. Even if you don't know your life's purpose. JUST BE HAPPY. TAKE IT EASY EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE. ENJOYYYY YOUR DAYS.

The besssttt song ever…. 'Don't Worry… Be Happy' (words to seriously live by, in my opinion!) :)

Life is all about the journey anyway, is it not? So, let's enjoy the ride.



The Happy Planet


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