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Have the courage to let your problems destroy you

Today I want to talk about negatives for the first time on my blog. I see negatives as a positive so I guess it’s ok The ying to the yang! I heard an interesting sentence yesterday and it got me thinking and inspired this post: You have to have the courage to let your problems destroy you. I love this. It beautifully reflects my experience. I can relate to it easily, as I am sure can many people. It’s all very good and well saying: ‘be positive’, ‘shrug it off’, ‘forget about it’, ‘let it go’, ‘smile’ and so on, but what if you cannot? What if you cannot let go and ‘be positive’? What then? Feel a little bit better. Just a tiny change in your emotional scale, a small shift is enough to begin the process. Sometimes in order to feel better we need to feel worse! Acknowledge your pain. Acknowledge the negatives in your life. Step out of yourself and look at your life and your ‘problems’ from someone else’s point of view, analyse yourself and befriend your ‘demons’ so as to better understand them. Talk yourself down, so to speak. Yes, for some things, not dwelling on the problem is best. For some problems we can afford to look at a baby smiling and simply be happy. But what about the pains that cannot be healed in an instant? We need to allow ourselves to feel the bad. We need to allow ourselves to go through the pain. Go through all the levels (from depression, despair right through the scale until we get to ‘hopeful’, that is the tipping point into infinite possibilites.) We must have the faith in ourselves, trust that we are strong enough to come out of it. The only way to get to the true positive is to go into the pain and release it. Have the courage to let your problem destroy you because you have faith in your ability to overcome it, come back from it and be renewed by it. Have the courage to let your problems destroy you, so that you may learn how to truly heal. I like to think that toddlers really know how to live. Just like a toddler learning to walk, we must fall in order to learn how to get up. We must have the bumps and falls, cuts and bruises if we are to truly understand and appreciate the healing and learning when it does come. We have to be knocked down in order to learn how to stand up on our own two feet. Today I am continuing my theme of ‘listen to your inner voice’. There is nothing more important than listening to, and trusting, our own voice. I have found that whenever I looked outside myself for answers, I only got more confused. :s When we feel confusion, when we feel ‘weak’ in our convictions, whenever we feel that we don’t quite know what path to take of course it would be fan-bleedin-tastic to have someone who can ‘tell us’ exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it but this is not reality and can be very dangerous. We must do our best to tune in to our own guidance system. There are many ways to listen to your inner voice. I use meditation, talking to myself, automatic writing, energy medicine to help clear blockages and prayer. You can try all sorts of things and see what works best for you. We must learn to trust ourselves. Even if we ask others for their advice, this has its good and bad side. Sometimes the best meaning advice can do us a disservice. At the best of times, other people’s advice can serve to help us clarify what we want by allowing us to feel whether that advice resonates with our wishes or not. Someone could tell you to ‘call him’, ‘forget her’ etc but only you will know whether that advice feels right to you. LISTEN TO YOUR FEELINGS TO HELP YOU GAUGE WHICH PATH TO TAKE. Our feelings are the best ‘sign posts’ for us. They help us feel which path to take, which action is right for us, what words to use when talking to someone and so much more. Ask people for advice, sure, but make sure you follow your own intuition as to whether that advice feels right for you or not. Read your horoscope, ask your cards, whatever it may be (there are many ways people ‘predict’ the future), but I would never suggest blindly following any advice outside of yourself. YOUR VOICE. YOUR INTUITION. YOUR FEELINGS. THAT IS THE ONLY REALITY AND THE ONLY SAFETY YOU NEED.

Nature shows us the truth.

You can’t help it. It just is. Simple. On my walk today I learnt so much from Mother Nature and Father Sky. 😉 I was observing a tree, beautiful tree… and there are many many ants living in and on it… and suddenly I just thought, ‘tree, you are so amazing. You just are. You don’t need much and you give all of yourself to everyone who needs you. You don’t mind that the ants are living in you, you don’t mind that I am around you, you don’t mind that you have the sun shining and the rain falling, you just take what you need (which is next to nothing) and you give everything you have to others. How wonderful! You let the ants live in you, you let people sit next to you, touch you, the sun kiss you, you let the rain nourish you… you just are who are you and you don’t try to be anything else. You let people be who they are, you let the ants be who they are and you don’t try to change them or their nature. You just let them be. And you all live in harmony. You keep the harmony.’ How wonderful! There’s a lot to be learnt from a tree. Then on my walk back I realized something, something I had always known but now it has new meaning in my soul. I notice things. I have wonderful eyes and ears and a sense of smell and I can hear the bees buzzing, I can smell the sea, I can see the crabs and all sorts of fish in the shallows of the sea, and I can see the starfish. We can all see them but I notice them. I tell people I saw 10 starfish the other day, they hadn’t seen any. Today, I was lucky enough to see starfish, clams, amazing crabs, and some cool lizards. Then it hit me! I notice them, when I notice one, there’s always another just near it. When I see one starfish, I always see another. When I saw one crab then I saw another, and another, and another… this is the way of the law of attraction. What we notice, we receive more of. Then it hit me… why would you ever notice (bring your focus and attention to) something you don’t want to see more of?! Because you will, if you notice it enough, you will see another, then another, and another… I only want to see starfish, crabs, trees, beautiful things, dolphins, and butterflies. I notice them all around me. They present themselves to me, and they are everywhere. But, if you don’t open your eyes to see them, they hide and you simply are too late to see the crab, for example. It takes some focused noticing, some focused attention. And I do not think that we need to focus on seeing a starfish specifically, I feel we need to focus on the world around us and start noticing the beauty around us, notice the wonders, the miracles, notice the beautiful people, notice the kindness, joy, love and peace and then we will see more of it. Very simple, actually,very simple. Just like the tree. Life is simple if you just let yourself be who you are, and if you let others be who they are and fulfill their purpose. Things flow with ease when we let them be in their natural state. That’s the truth. That’s what I have learnt today. I looked at the sea, the earth, the sun, the sky, the trees, the stones and rocks and I just thought, ‘wow! All the elements surrounding me all the time, supporting me, helping me, guiding me, teaching me. The water soothes me, calms me and relaxes me. The rocks make me feel my stability and strength and that I can weather any storm that comes my way... I will be changed but I will survive it if I will just be who I am. I feel the sun awakening the energy within and comforting me with its heat’. Then I turned into the forest and suddenly felt the cooling, the trees shielding me from the heat, cooling and calming me, stabilizing my soul. Nature is so beautiful, it is our greatest teacher; it asks for nothing and gives everything. Nature naturally takes what belongs to it; it knows God will provide and that it never need worry. If it is thirsty, the rains will come. If it is cold, the sun will shine and when it’s needed by someone or something, it gives unconditionally and with no complaint. That’s the circle of life. We all belong to it. I want to live it.

We, most of us, at one time or another, are living in FEAR.

WHY?! Why do we do this? It's really annoying, when you think about it... even when you don't. it's annoying to live in fear... worse still to live FROM fear. I don't want to live in fear of anything. I know that we are looked after in this life, I KNOW without a doubt that THINGS WILL BE GOOD. All is well. Sometimes we just cannot see this truth. Sometimes we only see sorrow, problems, obstacles, annoyances, idiots etc... (God, just using this language is too negative for me !hahA) Sometimes the fear completely consumes us and we are afraid of LIVING OUR LIVES. Fear that was nothing when we created it, suddenly is in control of our lives! WE are the ones who create these fears. WE are the ones who allow them to then take over all reason and WE make them into monsters! WE DO THIS TO OURSELVES. Nobody has power over us unless we give it to them. NOTHING has power over us unless we give it that power. There is nothing in this world that is worth you living in fear. Fear, at times, can be a good thing... it serves us: it protects us when we need to be vigilant, it truly can save our lives at times. Fear has its purpose. But when we give it a purpose that is not it's natural state then that same fear becomes distorted, not a natural version of itself, and it consumes our every waking (and sleeping!) moment! DECIDE NOW THAT YOU WILL NO LONGER LIVE IN FEAR. DECIDE NOW THAT YOU WILL REPLACE ALL FEAR WITH LOVE. DECIDE NOW THAT YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE. DECIDE NOW THAT YOU ARE THE ONE WHO WILL CONTROL YOUR STATES, YOUR REACTIONS, YOUR ACTIONS. DECIDE. IT IS YOUR CHOICE. YOUR LIFE. THIS LIFE IS OURS FOR THE TAKING (AND LIVING) AND I SAY: LIVE IT! LIVE! Do those things you always wanted to do... 'Someday' is not a day of the week, as they say! Do it today! Anything. Something. However small it is, any chance for the better is the first step in this new, good direction. START...'you don't have to see the whole staircase' as Martin Luther King said, 'just take that step'.